One Strange Bird Crafting How-To Video!

My amazingly talent sister, Nicole Northway of One Strange Bird in Chicago asked me to collaborate with her on her second-ever crafting tutorial video that is featured on the store's blog!

It was my very first time creating a video like this. I'm pretty new to video in general but I'm always up to try something new...and I loved it. Therefore, this will not be the last video collaboration for these sisters! I got the program Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 for editing, watched this super helpful youtube video and was able to get the general hang of the program in less than an hour! The editing process was long but exciting and I enjoyed every hour of it (yes...hours...). After successfully shooting and editing my first how-to video, I now know how to make it even better next time. Most of the issues were in directing (there were A LOT of bloopers...we are very slap-happy sisters when we are together). And also in the sound. I didn't have a off camera microphone at this point, so I just recorded sound on my iPhone and synced it up afterwards (cheap fix but hey, I thought it was pretty creative). Needless to say, we are both in love with the video process and are looking into professional mics! Multiple photographer friends recommended me to Rode Mics. Anyone else have a different favorite mic brand?

Check out the video on the OSB blog along with other fun things pertaining to the #JanJournalChallenge (including where to purchase your journaling materials!) Also, my good friends in My Blue Valentine were kind enough to let me use their song in this little experiment. Listen to their full album here!