Boudoir Session with Wendy

This session took place on one of the first sunny days in a while for Chicago...that mixed with this amazing location and its ginormous windows was a dream come true for me! It started off with a hectic morning: cars weren't starting, emergency trips to the vet, carrying a whole studio setup across Division St while trying not to spill 3 coffees everywhere... No great photo shoot is ever attained easily I guess! 

Once we all arrived at the location it was smooth sailing! The model, Wendy, found the location. It was a to-die-for, light filled, beautifully furnished apartment on the second floor of a building tucked right off of Division St in Wicker Park. Basically, my dream. A big thank you goes out to Jessica for letting us take over her home for a couple hours! (For a trade off I also did a mini "Mommy and Baby" Session of Jessica and her 7 week old little to come!)

Alice worked her magic on Wendy's hair as we took over Jessica's dining room table with hairspray, curling irons, makeup and coffee. Wendy and I went over tear-sheets and ideas and put together the different looks! 

In our first few shots we decided to utilize the flowing white curtains that were draped all along the huge windows of the flat. The light that came through the curtains was soft and diffused, perfect for the feel we wanted. I would kill to have this in my studio!! 

We also took a lot of the photos on Jessica's sofa. The style of the sofa combined with Wendy's vibrant, red hair and curvaceous body gave me a real Mad Men vibe! (which I am currently obsessed with...again) I was imaging Wendy as Joan on a sofa in the SCDP office. Love! 

The boudoir special offer is still going on, so contact me about booking today:




Model: Wendy 
Hair: Alice Salazar
MUA: Alice Salazar & Wendy
Location: Jessica Gruen