Sister's Bridal Shower / VSCO Cam Review

This weekend I hosted my sister Nicole's Bridal Shower! Me, Nicole (owner of One Strange Bird) and our mother (owner of Bohemian Lil, a shop of vintage goods and decor!) all worked very hard to craft this whole shindig! We had many Pinterest projects that actually went well! 

Since I was busy hosting the event and running around putting everything together, I didn't have a chance to shoot anything on my actual camera. I documented everything on my iPhone and used my favorite app, VSCO Cam, to edit and put filters on the photos. I absolutely adore VSCO Cam and all the different filters it has for you to choose from. The app itself is free and comes with a good amount of filters to choose from. I recently purchased a package within the app that was on sale…it was only $5.99 for 30+ additional filters. All the filters mimic the styles created by different types of film. I really enjoy the different tones you can get out of a simple iPhone photo! 

These are our floral arrangements in mason jars that we wrapped with a small strip of burlap, lace and tired together wit ha piece of twine an a sheer ribbon. It's an easy way to embellish a mason jar and turn it into a decorative vase! 

These are pink, white chocolate candies that my mom hand melted. She got all the materials to make these little guys at Michael's.

I got prints made of Nicole & Cody's Instagram photos though Prinstagram. I was so so happy with how they turned out! They looked so adorable and were super cheap. Only $15 for 48 prints. Also, they came lightning fast. I will be placing another order with them ASAP.

Here's a close up of one of the prinstagram photos and also these adorable pink butter cookies my mom made with a vintage cookie press! (they were sooo delicious.)

We served coffee in these adorable vintage cups.

Placing a small piece of cute washi tape on plastic cups was a cute and easy way to let people mark their names on their cups!

Putting citrus fruits like oranges and lemons in the serving pitcher of water made it taste extra delicious and fancied it up quite a bit! 

I found this adorable, never before used game of retro Bride Bingo at an antique store!

The lady of the hour! 

We got a box of assorted pink lanterns and shapes from Michaels that were super easy to put together and looked great! 

This banner was so can buy the little black tear-out squares at Michaels along with the chalkboard sharpie to write on them with. 

And here's how the room looked with everything! For the table runner we just used burlap fabric.

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