Trip to New Jersey


Last month I took a little trip to New Jersey to visit my best friend / ex-roomie Allie! We planned a visit to Atlantic City for her birthday. I've never been to AC but it truly is like a mini-vegas...except it's also a beach town...a strange concept. Weird, but I kinda loved it a lot. We celebrated her birthday, did a little gambling (of course), and somehow ended up seeing Nelly perform at a club. It was a long, fun-filled night followed by a little polar-plunging in the Atlantic Ocean the next day ( well...just our toes ).



There might have been a little champagne involved..

We had some baking and DIY projects...some of which went better than others.

Pop aka Poopy: our baking assistant. 




So Will (Allie's boyfriend) owns a farm. He built a snowboard/sledding ramp on his property so we had a fun time playing in the snow. 





Lastly, we stopped by the Johnson's extremely old farmhouse they recently purchased. It was a falling apart, old plantation...but a really cool house. I definitely think this place was haunted...needless to say, we didn't spend a whole lot of time there.