Bryan & Kelsey & Lola

Welcome back from Easter break, everyone! This weekend I was busy shooting back home in Edwardsville while ya'll were lounging around and stuffing your faces (well...maybe I did a lot of that too...) It was a wonderful weekend with AMAZING weather. Saturday morning I met up with these lovely people at the Watershed Nature Center in Edwardsville (one of my old stomping grounds). We lucked out with the nicest weather we could hope for. 

Meet Bryan, Kelsey and their dog Lola! I shot B&K's wedding a few years back so when they asked me to do a couples session with them I was beyond excited! They're such a beautiful couple. I was extra excited to get to meet 1 year old Lola! Such a sweet puppy-- and extremely energetic to say the least. She was bolting around, pulling Bryan & Kelsey the entire happy to be outside! As was I!

Here's the turnout from their full filled session. Stay tuned for more photos from the rest of my busy Easter weekend! xo