RAW: Natural Born Artists Mosaic Fashion Show

Miss Jessica of The Fashion Appeal invited me to join her at this lovely event last week! The RAW Natural Born Artist's Mosaic showcase took place at the Bottom Lounge on Lake St. There was so much going on: musicians and dancers performing, people showcasing their art and jewelry, and the main event we attended to see: the fashion show! 

Two of my favorite local Chicago designers, PRIN by Prina Bagia and Sarah Fitzgerald's SUGARCOMA Clothing, had their collections featured in the runway portion of the show.

Dress by PRIN

SUGARCOMA kicked off the show with the beautiful Mia D Vine wearing this adorable, flashy pink metallic skirt and blue lace crop top! The girl can work it.

How cute are the ring pops? Come on. 

Love this rainbow print.

This dress! Love the color and the way it flows.

The lovely miss Sarah Fitzgerald, designer of SUGARCOMA! 

And next we have the insanely talented PRIN by Prina Bagia. Ladies and gents...she created this entire collection just for this show...in TWO WEEKS. Seriously. She's my hero. I'm obsessed with the way she mixes elegance and sexiness and its completely flawless.

The gorgeous Keisha Key West started off the show with this sexy crop top and pencil skirt in the collections main pattern (which I love).

See what I'm saying about elegant but sexy? That open back is too hot! 

Love the cut of this dress and the touch of 1920's nostalgia with the feather fascinator.

So so classy.

This gown is so breathtaking. You can just see the endless hours she spent working on this one.

Miss Prina! I'm obsessed with her shoes...

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