June Updates: Fashion & Family Sessions

Wait, what? Excuse me but I didn't realize that the last blog post I made was in MAY! I guess you can imagine how busy I've been! Nevertheless, I'm still alive and have lots of fun & exciting news to share. (This is going to be a long one..)

In case you've missed the news...that's right, I'm making the move to beautiful Los Angeles, California! And I couldn't be more excited. This is something I've been wanting to do my entire life and the ocean has been calling my name. I simply cannot wait to start this next adventure in my life! If anyone out there from the LA area would like to work with me or book me for a shoot, please contact me! I'll be moving there September 1st.
Before I make the move to the West, I'll be spending the month of August on the East coast in New Jersey near Philadelphia. While i'm out on the East coast, I'd love to also plan trips in the surrounding area (New York duh). So East coast people, get in touch with me! 

Everyone meet WILLOW STAR, this beautiful and kind soul. She organized this whole shoot with me and her amazing team and we shot 4 looks at the Riverside Cafe in Bucktown! The cafe is seriously the cutest...all decked out in vintage radios and pictures and it has a sweet back patio! It was the perfect location for our Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired looks. 
All of the clothes that we used came from Hasana boutique. Hasana is a part of the non-profit organization called the ApareciΓ³ Foundation. Jessica of the foundation was kind enough to lend us the clothes for the shoot in return for Hasana using them as a 30 x 66 inch BANNER in the storefront as well as in their publication. HOW COOL IS THAT?! My photo is going to be life size in the window of a Chicago boutique. 
Along with all of this, some of the other images we shot this day got accepted in a couple other publications, one of which is Elegant Magazine

  Photographer:   Madeline Northway Photography   Model:   Victoria Peralta   MUAH:   Courtney Charlie Woodin   Wardrobe:   Tiffany McFiercin  of One FInd Duo

Photographer: Madeline Northway Photography
Model: Victoria Peralta
MUAH: Courtney Charlie Woodin
Wardrobe: Tiffany McFiercin of One FInd Duo

Now, everyone meet the multi-talented beauty, VICTORIA! I'm so spoiled these days from working with such awesome models who are seriously on top of it. Victoria, who is a model, dancer and radio personality, organized this whole shoot with me and her team for this Emurge magazine cover and spread! You can purchase a print or digital copy of the magazine here


I'm so happy with the turnout of this publication! And this shoot was so much fun. Victoria, Courtney and Tiffany are such an awesome team. We ate ice cream and drank margaritas and then went sunglass shopping after the shoot! Great team, great shoot. 

Family & Babies!!! Last Sunday I hosted a Family Photo day in the Park! I met up with 3 families at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Center in Lincoln Park! It was the perfect day and weather despite the brutal winds blowing cotton fuzzies and other small objects at us at high speeds...that's just the lakefront for you!