Mother+Daughter & July Updates

This week I caught up with my good friend, fellow artist and co-worker Nicolette Ross and her awesome mother who was visiting from out of town! Nicolette makes really badass, super detailed wood carving pieces. She's currently carving beautiful details into a giant dead tree as a part of the Chicago Tree Project! View here work here and learn about the Tree Project here!

Nicolette and her mom were so much fun to photograph! There were endless jokes and laughs as we walked around the gorgeously green residential streets of my neighborhood, Wicker Park. I've really loved living in such a lush, beautiful neighborhood...and I'm really going to miss it when I move away! I'll just be swapping out evergreens for palm trees. Sounds okay to me!

July Updates!
I'm excited to announce that starting this Sunday, July 27th I'll be driving out to beautiful New Jersey to live with my best friend and creative counterpart, miss Allie Corwin, for 3 weeks! Allie designs jewelry for her line B n twined Lots of projects, adventures, art and jewelry making are on our horizon. I'm also planning on spending some time in New York and hopefully exploring surrounding cities, seeing what the East Coast has to offer. If you'd like to book a photo session with me or do any collaboration or just meet up and hang out, email me at and let's talk! 


The banners of my photos at Hasana boutique are finally up, and they look way cool!!!

My work is LIFESIZE! If you're in the area, stop in Hasana boutique on 2937 N Clark St and see my photos in the window! Also stop in and see all of their gorgeous'll want to buy everything. Huge thanks to Jessica @ Hasana for making this all possible and my amazingly talented team!

Model: Willow Star
MUA: Lauren Ward
Hair: Erica Polacek
Wardrobe: Kiki Khan
Location: Riverside Cafe Bucktown