Alyssa Mettler & My Trip to NYC

My 3rd time in New York, I finally did it right...and I'm in love!! I met up with my sister and biked around the city at night seeking out all the delicious treats and window shopped until I was hypothetically broke (and actually broke). I also got to catch up with my friend Alyssa Mettler and seriously fell head-over-heels for her neighborhood (Bushwick), Brooklyn and all of it's little spots and amazing street art. 

Alyssa and I went to high school together amongst the cornfields of Illinois, and it's so refreshing and inspiring to see her chasing her dreams as a musician in New York. Before we hit the beach and explored the city, we grabbed some photos to accompany the release of her new music page and single she is putting out soon! This badass b&w mural is right down the street from her apartment and she had the idea to pose in front of this monochromatic scene with bright, red roses...and then throw them everywhere and destroy them, naturally. 

She also had to show me her apartment building's rooftop and its insane view of the Manhattan skyline....seriously? Best view ever. I requested an outfit change and had to take advantage of the location. ;)

 And then we hopped on the train to the beach! 

And then we hopped on the train to the beach! 

Now that you've seen Alyssa's beauty and humor, please do yourself the favor of listening to her freaking amazing voice. This girl is so talented. Here's a live recording she just did at a friends place in Bushwick... and keep an eye out for her new releases coming soon. :) 

Brooklyn, I love you & I'll be back soon. xo