Bella / Bucktown, Chicago

Meet my beautiful, multi-talented, wonder woman, actress/model friend Bella Wholey (pronouced Bey-uh). We had some fun the other day in my studio and exploring the streets of Chicago before the cold drives me into a 3 month long hibernation. This day involved: Whiskey shots, dirty rap music, a rad gothic church, a pink wig and a lot of laughs.

I've met Bella about 3-4 years ago when I photographed her with the amazing makeup artist and my lovely friend Hayley Kassel. When Bella and I get together we are just play and make creative magic awesomeness. I definitely needed this day/shoot to just let go and shoot and have fun. 

Keep an eye out for this one! She is working on two feature films and some amazing projects right now. She keeps the world updated on her handy website here so check it out! 

Thanks for a fun day my friend! Hope you all enjoy these fun shots :)