Anything Is Possible

"Happiness is a continuation of happenings which are not resisted." - Deepak Chopra

I wanted to share with you all some photos of my workspace! It's been coming along in a lengthy process since I moved into my apartment in Bucktown, Chicago about 4 months ago. I moved back to Chicago from California with very few belongings, just what I could fit into my car, so re-creating my space has been slow, but an exciting challenge. This is all a bit reflective of my life at this point as everything is being renewed, refreshed, recreated. I moved (back) to a new place and am beginning a new chapter of my career and my life.

Throughout this whole process and in my life in general I try my best to always trust. Trust in myself, my ideas, my abilities, my instincts and trust that the universe is working both with me and in ways that I will never comprehend. We work together, simultaneously, to make things possible and make things happen. Every day, I am astonished by life and how things come together, sometimes in just the tiniest ways. Life seems to bring me the right people, ideas, inspiration and even challenges right when I need them, even if I don't realize it in that moment. 

Anything is possible.

That is what these words mean to me and will be a reminder of every day. That I have the power within me in conjunction with the universe to do anything, and it all begins simply with thought. Thought followed by action. So simple, but so meaningful.

Big thank you to the lovely Matthew Hoffman for sending me these special words for my office and for creating them in the first place.