Allie & Will / Engagement Session

These beautiful people, my best friends, Allie & Will are getting married. I spent the week with them in Laguna Beach, CA last month and had the honor of shooting their engagement portraits. I saw some of the most stunning sunsets of my life this week in Laguna... specifically while floating on a surfboard, watching the sun drop behind the distant horizon of Catalina Island...nothing compares. This day was no exception.

We made the trek down Thousand Steps beach in South Laguna to these awesome rocks, caves and tidal pools. I'm particularly fond of these photos because they capture Allie & Will's relationship so perfectly to me. I posed them for very few photos, I mostly wanted to convey their adventurous, playful nature together. I really wanted them to just be themselves and have that come through, so I took a pretty documentary approach with these. 

Allie & Will are getting married in July in New Jersey!