Chicago Elopement: Amanda & Matt

Amanda & Matt's Chicago Elopement

Yesterday I photographed and witnessed my very first elopement and it was sweet as can be. I'm always an advocate of doing things differently and well...spontaneously. So when Amanda reached out letting me in on her and Matt's secret plans to get hitched without telling a soul, I was all about it.

I met them up at Chicago City Hall and we explored beautiful downtown on what turned out to be a perfectly overcast day, fresh with a morning dusting of snow. We took some portraits on the Chicago River and under the L tracks (the street lights were conveniently on thought it was only 1:30 pm). 

Then it was time to get hitched! Down to the lower level of City Hall we ascended, and within 30 minutes Amanda, Matt and I found ourselves in a tiny 10x10 room just us and a sweet lady Judge. They exchanged their vows, handwritten in notebooks, professed their love to each other and the deed was done. Just like that! No fuss, no stress, just love and the important details.

We hopped in a cab to a few more locations to take photos to commemorate the day. Along the way Matt revealed how they got the idea to go about their wedding in such an unexpected way. The explanation involved being inspired by April & Andy's surprise wedding on Parks & Rec (LOVE) and also the fact that his parents (married for 40+ years) performed their nuptials the same way. Elopement is where it's at folks!

Our last stop was their favorite neighborhood bar, Bangers & Lace. We had some drinks and got a few more portraits of the sweet newlyweds at a spot they frequented while dating over the years. 

Thank you, Amanda & Matt, for letting me capture such meaningful moments. I'm forever honored & I can't wait to see what the future holds for you both!